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By listing your restaurant on the Quandoo portal and mobile apps you can dramatically increase your online presence. Relevant content such as marketing-optimised editorial descriptions, qualified customer reviews, and inclusion in newsletters and on special interest Collection pages all ensure optimum visibility and conversion rates. Plus, the real-time, location-based search functionality of Quandoo’s consumer apps allows you to effectively increase your walk-in radius by up to 50%.

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Online marketing optimised

We actively engage in performance-based marketing on your behalf to guide more guests to your restaurant. In addition to your dedicated online profile, we create an individualised Google marketing account for all our partner restaurants in order to drive search engine traffic to your web presence and diners to your doorstep.

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine
Banner marketing
Display campaigns
Display marketing

Channeling social media

Quandoo engages users – your customers – through all major social media channels to promote our services – and your restaurant.

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Our marketing packages

While all our partners benefit from an individual online profile, our marketing packages allow you to boost your restaurant’s visibility on the Quandoo network and the web at large via specific marketing strategies. Take advantage of retargeting via the Google Display Network, get featured on one of our Quandoo Collection Pages, benefit from a featured Facebook post, or commission a writeup in our magazine, Quisine – and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Quandoo helping your restaurant be seen and heard.

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Paid search via Google/Bing/Yahoo
Retargeting Google Display
Retargeting Facebook
Social Media
Facebook post on Quandoo
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Partner Network Integrations
Top Placements on Quandoo
Listed on Collection Pages (e.g. 'romantic restaurants') on Quandoo
Advertised on Collection Pages (e.g. 'romantic restaurants') on Quandoo
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Individual Newsletter (Merchant Offers)1xcustom
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