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We want to assist you in enlarging your restaurant's online footprint to attract more guests. We actively engage in this challenge through various channels.
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Quandoo network

By listing your restaurant on the Quandoo network you can increase your online presence. Relevant content such as qualified reviews and marketing optimised descriptions ensure maximal conversion. Location-based search on Quandoo’s consumer apps allows you to effectively increase your walk-in radius by up to 50%

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Marketing with Quandoo

Online marketing

We actively engage in performance-based marketing to deliver additional guests to your restaurant. For this purpose, for example, we create an individualized Google marketing account for all our partner restaurants with the objective of driving online search traffic to your doorstep.

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine
Banner marketing
Display campaigns
Display marketing

Social media

We leverage social media to grow and engage with our customer base.

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Our marketing packages

Our marketing packages allow you to further enhance your visibility on the Quandoo network by specifically promoting your restaurant’s profile (for example, by being featured on a Quandoo Collection Page such as Prime Dinner Spots in London).