Reservation management

Our ambition is to provide our partner restaurants with a state-of-the-art reservation management software that bridges the gap between offline and online reservations. Our solution comprises of 4 elements.
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Reservation management

Quandoo’s Reservation Management System is the perfect tool to merge online and offline reservations.

Improve your service

Improve your service through collecting in-depth knowledge about your guests’ dining history and preferences and customising guest interaction and communication.

Tablet-based system

We offer an easy-to-use tablet-based system that can be learned within minutes and that is designed to support you in your daily operations.

Increase your utilisation

Increase the number of times each table is used per shift through an optimal usage of available capacities while allowing guests and staff to easily identify free capacities.

Manage your database

Build, manage and connect with your customer database.

Quandoo reservation system

Reservation calendar

Convert visitors on your website into guests in your restaurant.

Maximised conversion

Our reservation calendar is 200-300% more effective at converting your visitors into actual guests in your restaurant than other systems.

Automatic language detection

Address up to 38% more customers coming from abroad.

Customer recognition

Customer recognition maximises the convenience of making a booking by remembering your customers in the future.

Alternative time suggestion

Integrated yield management helps you to ensure that you never lose a guest by recommending alternative times.

Automated guest communication

Automatic emails allow you to provide your guests with an instant booking confirmation and supply them with all the information needed.

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Business Center

Easily control and manage your business.

Remote management & control

Quandoo’s Business Center is your control center that allows you to change your restaurant’s settings and access your reservations from anywhere in the world. Add additional tables, change your opening hours and limit the number of online available seats within a few clicks. Keep track of all reservations and profit from an easy-to-use management overview.

Manage your reservations online from any place you're at with Quandoo

Vouchers, gift cards & specials

Convert visitors on your website into guests in your restaurant.

Improve your service

Fill empty tables during off-peak times through publishing special offers. Gain new customers through actively selling vouchers to potential guests. Leverage our gift card functionality to engage with your existing guest base.

Collect points and get vouchers to eat in restaurants